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September 19 2017
Next Generation Networking Event 2017

The Boulevard hosted for the third time the Next Generation Networking event on one of its scenic rooftop in collaboration with MECSC and ICSC. On that evening, close to a 100 Industry leaders, professionals, specialists and aspiring professionals attended the event, creating an evening of perfect knowledge diffusion and idea synchronization. 

September 29 2017
Aziz Maraka in concert 2017

A night with Aziz Maraka and his band. In addition to special guest musicians joining him on stage in a unique venue that has not seen a concert before at The Abdali .

June 6 2016
Ramadan at The Boulevard 2016

Enjoy the blessings of Ramadan at The Boulevard from dusk until dawn. With decorative lights and dazzling sights, savor each of the Holy Month’s starry nights. Join us this Ramadan with your family and friends for delectable delights and live entertainment for all. 

April 14 2016
Spring at The Boulevard 2016

With flowery and blossoming buds, Spring at The Boulevard is in full bloom.

Make your tea-time more magical as you escape into an English themed garden with family and friends! Enjoy the latest of spring offerings, flavorful dining and spectacular entertainment for all.

Spring is just better at The Boulevard!

February 14 2016
Lock Your Love at The Boulevard

Love filled the air at The Boulevard this Valentine’s as hundreds flaunted their affection with a simple gesture using a lock and a key.  The concept, which was originally inspired by the city of love itself, Paris, has been adopted over the years in New York, Rome, Florence and this year Amman.  Jordanians as well as tourists of the city, flocked to the infamous promenade etching initials, well-wishes, and love notes on either side of a rudimentary love heart that…

December 31 2015
New Year's Eve at The Boulevard 2016

Held for the second time, thousands of joyful enthusiasts rang in the New Year with grand style from the Kingdom’s only outdoor New Year’s Eve venue. The Boulevard’s festivities took place from the heart of the complex, where the talented singers Raja El Rayes and Carolina Karam captivated the audience with their latest tunes covering several musical genres.  In addition, 8e Art Percussionists brought the house down with their enthralling and exciting beats counting down for the New Year…

December 14 2015
Media Lunch & Dinner

This past December, The Boulevard invited representatives from the Jordanian media scene to take part in a private lunch and dinner.  The guests, who included reporters, journalists, and influencers from nationwide television, newspapers, magazines, portals, radios,and social media, indulged in a selection of exquisite delights specially prepared by Cloud International Cuisine. The newly launched rooftop outlet provided a great opportunity for The Boulevard’s CEO and management team, to brief the media representatives on the latest developments and future plans of…

December 10 2015
Christmas at The Boulevard 2015

This year, another Christmas awaits you here at The Boulevard! Join us for a spectacular Christmas with an outdoor market, an ornament decked walkway, a line-up of delights, a Christmas shopping spree, as well as exciting everyday entertainment including, chanting carolers, live musicians and surely; our famous characters for your loved ones to enjoy!There is no better way to celebrate this joyous season; Christmas is just better at The Boulevard!

September 24 2015
Eid Al Adha at The Boulevard

Eid Al Adha at The Boulevard, saw the walkway decorated with a green cherry tree and several lit up sheep structures, as white-furred characters reminiscent of the beloved Eid icon were spotted taking pictures with visitors. The Eid festivities spiraled on as bold performers juggled with Fire and spinning clowns made an entrance on unicycles, spreading laughter and cheer amongst adults and children alike. 

September 18 2015
Samsung Note 5 Orchestra Launch

A rendition of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 left visitors happily speechless as Samsung launched its Note 5 at The Boulevard this past September. Performed by the talented Amman Symphony Orchestra, the event was live-streamed on Samsung’s social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube,bringing audiences closer to this wonderful experience.

September 11 2015
Jaguar XE Launch

Mahmoudia Motors chose The Boulevard as its launching hub for the brand new upscale car in town, the Jaguar XE. Six new cars were displayed in The Boulevard’s promenade, where 500 invitees examined their features and latest advances in automotive technology. The attendees enjoyed inventive drinks crafted by master mixologists from Bali, while swaying to the tunes of DJ maDjam from Beirut.

August 21 2015
The Boulevard's Pop Up Shop

Always bringing new experiences to its visitors, The Boulevard hosted for the first time ever in the Kingdom, a POP UP SHOP jointly organized with the highly popular social media account, Amman Street Fashion. The POP UP SHOP saw 22 designers and boutiques, from around Jordan and The Middle East, showcase their unique fashionable clothing items, footwear and accessories; catering for people’s different tastes.

August 6 2015
Play at The Boulevard

Summer days aren’t complete if the little ones don’t soak in the sun, stretch their legs and have some fun! Children made their way to ‘Play at The Boulevard’ where a designated haven awaited them this past season. The Play Area at The Boulevard featured swings, slides as well as a face-painting and a balloon-shaping corner for the bundles of joy to enjoy.

July 5 2015
Media Iftar 2015

Attending the Ramadan spirit of sharing, The Boulevard welcomed dozens of media personalities during a special Iftar at Al Qasr Tent. Representatives from newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, as well as bloggers, enjoyed the sweet tunes of oriental music, while they chose their Iftar dishes from an assortment of international platters. The evening concluded with an interactive raffle draw, during which media representatives received exciting gifts and vouchers from The Boulevard’s exclusive outlets.

June 18 2015
Ramadan at The Boulevard 2015

The Boulevard was glowing with the spirit of Ramadan this year. At the ornament-decked promenade, a life-size brightly colored lantern cloaked children and adults alike, as they stepped in to commemorate their memory of an Arabian flair. Flashlights illuminated visitors’ faces when taking pictures with a gleaming crescent ,and oriental tunes, crafted by local artists playing traditional Arabic instruments,rang through the crowds.Children were spotted chasing stilt walkers dressed in colorful garments, while whirling dervishes spun in a spirit of exhilaration…

May 20 2015
Ikebana Club

Members of The Ikebana Club of Jordan enjoyed a floral hat-themed brunch on the sunlit floors and fountain of The Boulevard. The noon entailed a live smooth jazz performance, a lavish layout of delectable food, as well as a photo session of the members adorning their beautiful floral hats. 

May 5 2015
Next Generation Networking Event

The Boulevard hosted for the second time the Next Generation Networking event on one of its scenic rooftop in collaboration with MECSC and ICSC. On that evening, close to a 100 Industry leaders, professionals, specialists and aspiring professionals attended the event, creating an evening of perfect knowledge diffusion and idea synchronization.

April 9 2015
Spring at The Boulevard - 2015

Spring comes to life at The Boulevard, with a rustic countryside setup,beautiful floral arrangements, an exciting program of performances and entertainment for the whole family. Spring is just better at The Boulevard!

December 31 2014
New Year's Eve 2015

About 2,000 people held their breaths in anticipation as the first ever outdoor countdown in Jordan pulsed down to 0, announcing the start of a new year. The Boulevard showcased a lively atmosphere filled with radiant lights, colorful confetti, animated fire fountains and a variety of shops and vendors colorfully lining the pedestrian promenade, decorated with cheerful Christmas lights, selling food, drinks, toys and accessories. Electric vibes enveloped the night as four exciting performances from around the globe entertained the…

July 17 2015
Eid Al Fitr

Eid al-Fitr ignited new life into The Boulevard, bringing back the morning coffee and the daytime routine. Children’s intoxicating excitement spread like wildfire as they ran in their new clothes, while families and friends took a sip of summer with scrumptious breakfasts and delectable lunches at The Boulevard’s vibrant dining outlets. The three day celebration included live performances from local bands and artists, as well as a photo opportunity with our famous stilts.

December 21 2014
Media Lunch & Dinner

Towards the end of 2014, The Boulevard hosted lunch and dinner gatherings for a pool of representatives from the Jordanian media. Reporters from nationwide newspapers, magazines, radio, television and social media joined The Boulevard’s team and CEO for a hearty meal at Café Italia. They also got to witness the project’s latest developments during a tour of its facilities.

December 11 2014
Christmas at The Boulevard - 2014

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without The Boulevard, as thousands gathered for the lighting of the towering gold and white decorated tree. Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, and Angel Stilt Walkers were amongst those who greeted the crowd into the shimmering pedestrian promenade, bordered with a variety of vendors and exquisite dining outlets, amidst vivacious and twinkling surroundings.

June 29 2014
Ramadan at The Boulevard

Ramadan this year had its own special “flavor” at The Boulevard. Just as the month was making its way, football fans rooted for their favorite teams; their claps, yells and cries echoed at The Boulevard shops they cheered from. Sports fanatics weren’t the only ones to be heard or seen in The Boulevard during Ramadan, though, as the gates welcomed everyone looking to fill their evenings with the thrills of challenging quiz and bingo nights, as well as…

June 14 2014
Out at The Boulevard

Sand pits, light paintings, arts and crafts are some of the activities visitors of The Boulevard experienced throughout Out at The Boulevard event. Both adults and children enjoyed a variety of entertainment and dining options featured at The Boulevard in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

June 11 2014
The Boulevard's Official Inauguration

Under Royal patronage, The Boulevard was officially launched on June 11th 2014.  Strategically located in the heart of Abdali, The Boulevard is a truly exceptional mixed-used project introduced for the first time in Amman. His Majesty, King Abdulla II, launched the project in the presence of Her Majesty, Queen Rania, and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein as well as high-ranking officials, officers and local and international business people. Prior to the ceremony, Their Majesties and The Crown…

May 1 2014
Jordan Rally Set For Spectacular Spectator Stage From Abdali

A thrilling stage, around 1km in length, has been specially created within the impressive Abdali development, which is set to become the new downtown of Amman when it opens in June. But first, rally fans and TV viewers across the Middle East will be treated to a mouthwatering festival of thrills and spills when the region’s fastest drivers take on the first stage on what promises to be a memorable night.


April 28 2014
Next Generation Networking Event

The role of the MECSC is to facilitate your business and to raise your personal careers in the retail industry. As members of our organization we suggest that you ask for what you need from us, to enable your business to prosper and grow. Our team is fresh and full of great ideas to assist your companies and personal careers to flourish. Successful business is all about successful relationships and we engender these relationships for you, all you…

April 24 2014
Spring at The Boulevard - 2014

On April 24th, Amman saw “Spring at The Boulevard” come to life! The ten day event took place on The Boulevard’s –pedestrian promenade and included a variety of trendy vendors. A first of its kind, Spring at The Boulevard was the biggest spring celebration the city has ever seen. Each of the ten days was full of surprises, entertainment, and cuisines. Appealing acts were brought in to engage with the crowds, along with decorative elements that transformed the…

December 20 2013
Christmas at The Boulevard - 2013

“Merry” does not even begin to describe what Christmas was this year. Taking place in the heart of the city, Christmas at The Boulevard, an unprecedented event, brought the year to an exquisite end. Generating a huge hype for children and their families, Santa, the stilt walkers and Santa’s elves made an overwhelming addition to a perfect event. The National Music Conservatory performed joyful Christmas carols soaring…

November 5 2013
Fast Walk

On a chilly November evening, members of the Fast Walk group chose Abdali as the location for their walk. Whilst touring, members coursed through The Boulevard and got a view of the project’s facilities and offerings. An atmosphere of liveliness and exuberance pervaded the heart of the new downtown of Amman as Fast Walkers walked on The Boulevard’s pedestrian promenade,finishing off with a refreshing experience.

September 17 2013
Eye on Abdali

Buildings of all the different projects in Abdali were the objects of interest for young Jordanians’ camera lenses. The new downtown of Amman hosted “Eye on Abdali,” an exhibition organized by “Darat Al Tasweer,” a local specialized center for photography. The event showcased photos of different projects in Abdali; The Boulevard being one of which, by professional and amateur photographers and displayed them on large blocks lining The Boulevard’s pedestrian promenade.

September 13 2013
Hogs Event

Motorists showcased their biking skills,at Abdali, which hosted the Harley Davidson Hogs event for motorcycle owners. The group enjoyed a morning ride at the new downtown of Amman,taking pictures of their enchanting experience and strolling through the project’s well-planned alleys and pathways.The Hogs continued their walk through The Boulevard and got to learn more about its features and components.

August 6 2013
The Boulevard & Abdali Iftar

The Boulevard and Abdali host prominent businessmen for a Ramadan Iftar event

Amman – August, 2013: Abdali Investment and Development Psc and the Abdali Boulevard Company recently hosted a Ramdan Iftar event at the Boulevard project located at the new downtown of Amman – Abdali. H.E. Dr. Munther Haddadin – Board Chairman of Abdali Boulevard Company and Eng. Mr. Joseph Helou – Board Chairman of Abdali Investment and Development Psc, have cordially invited prominent social figures, businessmen and officials. The…

July 30 2013
Orange - The Boulevard

Upgraded design for The Boulevard and Abdali data and telecom networks

On the verge of “The Personal Cloud” era

(Amman, Jordan July 2013) As part of The Boulevard and Abdali’s strategic partnerships portfolio, Orange Jordan recently signed a cooperation agreement with The Boulevard and Abdali to provide all facilities and buildings in The Boulevard complex and Abdali development with integrated telecommunications services through fiber-optic networks.

In order to optimize CAPEX and OPEX values for the data and telecom network…

May 18 2016
Les Créateurs Libanais Exhibition 2016

The Boulevard, Amman’s ‘The Walk of the Town,’ recently hosted Les Créateurs Libanais Exhibition under the patronage of HRH Princess GhidaTalal.

With the participation of 30 Lebanese and 20 Jordanian designers, the cross-culture avant-garde exhibition hosted great talent that blended traditional works with a touch of modernity.  A plethora of designers dawned handmade pieces of jewelry and fashion clothing, as others displayed limited edition home décor accessories.

Eng. Nicolas Saba, CEO of Abdali Boulevard Company stated, “We are delighted to host…